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Unlike the previous game, Evoland 2 takes the form of a lengthy RPG.

Most of the game takes the form of aerial-viewed combat, like the original Legend of Zelda. However, at certain points in the game, a different style of gameplay is used, such as a 2D platformer, a space shooter and Bomberman. The protagonist travels between areas on an overworld map.

One of the main mechanics of Evoland 2 is time-travel. The past is represented by an 8-bit world, the present is a 16-bit world and the future is 3D. At different points in the game, the player will use magiliths to travel to these different eras, the world changing as they travel through time.

The Powers System[edit | edit source]

By holding down the attack button, the player can charge up a special attack, which changes depending on the selected partner. Fina uses a slash attack, Menos slams into the ground with great force and Velvet can freeze enemies with iceballs. These powers can not only be used to defeat enemies but are also used to solve puzzles.

After awakening an ally using maana at Bibi's tent, the attack can be charged for longer to become more powerful. Three guardians can also be found around the world, who can upgrade the attack to become even more powerful.